Books make awesome holiday gifts

This month has many, many holidays and that can be a bit overwhelming for people. So much to do while the time winds away and the pressure to get everyone a present builds while your budget dwindles.

The holidays are stressful.

Gift buying is stressful.

Books are awesome.

Physical books are great to give as gifts because you don’t need to find a box for them to fit in, you can just wrap ’em up and stick on a bow and it looks perfect.

Ebooks are awesome because you can gift these to friends and family easily:

Barnes and Noble
Barnes and Noble

All you have to do is fill out the personalize form and BOOM! Gift done.

Barnes and Noble
Barnes and Noble

And you know what? Because it takes less than a minute to gift an ebook, you can send it on the day of your holiday and it won’t look like you forgot to get the recipient a gift! Guilt begone!

And giving books, physical or ebook, is a great way to encourage people in your immediate circle to finally read that one book you’ve been dying to make them read. And it’s another way to get everyone something special, while getting them all the same thing without driving yourself crazy! Evil geniuses, yes.

So give a book, make your life a little easier and the holidays a little brighter. Books are awesome and more people should share them.

Speaking of awesome books, I have a new one out now, the sixth installment of The Matilda Kavanagh Novels! And if you gave the whole ebook series to a friend or family member, you could give them six books for less than $15! WHOA!


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