Holiday Shopping for Free!

What’s that you say…free? Yep! I’m all about the holidays and shopping (online) and the fun celebrations. But what makes me even happier this time of year? FREE! Free books, free shipping, you name it.

Why am I going on about free you ask? That’s easy. I have something for you that’s free. The Beginning, Kaarina’s Secret #1 is now available for your reading pleasure. And it won’t cost you a dime. Check it out at All Romance E- books for your Kindle, Nook, or PDF. I’ll even provide you the link to make it easy to get 🙂 Did I mention I like to give during the holidays, too?

The Beginning at All Romance E-Books.


When offered a position within the esteemed law firm of Virtanen and Associates, Kaarina Davidson couldn’t say no. Known for their exclusivity and revered for their ruthlessness, they are the best firm in Dallas. This was the job offer of a lifetime. Or so Kaarina thought.

Too soon she learns that the lawyers of Virtanen and Associates are more than meets the eye. They are Vampyyri, a supernatural sect who feed off the emotions of humans. Warned not to touch anyone, Kaarina is just trying to make a name for herself until she learns that the principle partner of the firm has a mission that doedoesn’t include finding justice for the clients of the firm. He intends to take control of the Vampyyri and disregard all rules that prevent humans from becoming walking zombies.

Kaarina may be the only one who can stop the takeover. Will she take the easy way out and run? Or will Kaarina accept the challenge and become more than the lawyer she set out to be?

This is book 1 in a 4 part series.