When You See It, You Will …

Well, I don’t know what you’ll do, but I know I nearly fainted. This picture reminded me of those recent internet memes that have people posing in weird places in pictures.

This photograph is actually from a 1970s wedding. The photographer was apparently taking pictures of the party, and when one of the pictures was developed, they noticed something unusual right behind the man’s leg. But that’s not the worst part. Look to the left of the picture, by his right upper thigh. Yes, that’s a freaking face.

Click for bigger version

As you can see, the sense of proportion is all wrong. That is a man’s leg and foot, but the face is at the wrong height. I wonder what the story behind this one is. Was it just one ghost, or two? A child and a man, maybe? Where was the wedding held? This photograph was observed by police, and declared to be completely genuine.

I love creepy pictures. Do you have links to share? I’d love to see them! Here’s the link where I found the above picture. The writer has a lot more to share, some of which will probably keep you up late at night. You’ve been warned! 😀