My SUPER Unpopular Opinion

Have you seen the #ConfessYourUnpopularOpinion hashtag on Twitter? People use to it “confess” positions as wildly different as disliking The Legend of Korra (WTF?) to liking certain Presidential candidates (…..). Sometimes it’s funny, and sometimes it’s really appalling.

I’m not sure which category my opinion falls into, but here it is: I’m not really wild about the Marvel Universe franchise.


*pause for reaction*

I found the Thor movies cheesy and mildly irritating, in spite of an abiding love for Tom Hiddleston as Loki. I absolutely cannot stand Iron Man/Tony Stark (read: he annoys me so much, I hate myself if I laugh at one of his jokes). Captain American makes me want to lie down and take a nap, he’s so dull. I don’t really give a flip about the X-Men.

I know. It’s pretty upsetting for a geek.

It’s not a hard rule, though. I really liked Jessica Jones! The Ms. Marvel comics are quite charming, and I think they’re doing great things for comic books. But overall, I’m just not into the franchise, and I think a lot of my friends may find this pretty disappointing.

I used to think that I just wasn’t into superheroes, but that’s not quite it. I love Buffy, and what is she but the superest hero ever to slay a vampire? Maybe I only like female superheroes, which I don’t think is an entirely unreasonable position. I do like Guardians of the Galaxy, though, and that’s not all girl-power.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to diagnose myself for why I don’t care about these series and characters. Is it that I often don’t find the plots believable? Maybe. Or possibly because I like my villains nuanced, and they often feature flat bad guys? Could be, but the quality of story-telling really has improved over the years. There’s definitely something to the female-superheroes-only theory, but I suspect I might enjoy the Netflix Daredevil series if I gave it a chance.

I’ve also spent a lot of time hiding my lack of enthusiasm. I somewhat enjoyed The Avengers, so I talk that one up when tackling the subject at all. I’ll discuss Jessica Jones until innocent bystanders fall asleep. Mostly, though, I go quiet when the topic arises, because the Marvel franchises, in particular, are having a Big Moment right now, and I feel a little left on the sidelines. I don’t judge anyone for their enjoyment, or anything like that, but I will say I don’t quite get it. Whatever magic these films and series hold for others, it doesn’t seem to work for me.

And that’s fine, I guess. Opinion is opinion. My love of sexy vampires makes no sense to some, but I’m clearly not alone in that love.

Am I a lost geeky cause?



4 thoughts on “My SUPER Unpopular Opinion

  1. Shauna Granger

    I don’t think so. I think even big fans of the Marvel movies are feeling burnt out. I do love Loki, so there’s a guarantee I’m going to see anything he’s featured in, but otherwise? Mmmm. Maybe. There’s no rush. As a matter of fact, we only just saw Age of Ultron because it was an option on a plane ride and it passed the time. But what a waste of a movie. And it’s not the first to feel pointless or gratuitous. And there are so many more planned. Eesh.

    Also, yes, watch Daredevil. It is fantastic. Right on the level with Jessica Jones.

  2. Well, I think Star Wars is okay at best, HATED the second Indiana Jones movie and still think that it is the worst of the bunch, don’t think that the Ghostbusters are funny and I don’t think that most of the Superhero movies which came before the MCU still hold up (The Incredibles is the exception, that movie will always be awesome) or were never that good to begin with. And I hate Vampires. And Zombies. They are gross.

    The beauty of the MCU is that it offers something for a variety of tastes. There is a huge gab between the Avengersverse, the Netflix verse, the Spyverse and Spaceverse of it. I like nearly everything they do because even when they fail, they at least do try to find new approaches to the genre. But even if the MCU as a whole is not for you, chances are that there is something you will like somewhere in the mix, if you stay open-minded.

    If you liked Jessica Jones, you should give Daredevil a try. It’s a different, but tonally similar.

  3. I enjoy some Marvel myself, but not all of it. I really liked the first “Avengers” movie, but the second was just kind of … boring? I dunno. I actually left the room to make French toast. (LOL) I think I’ve seen TOO MUCH of Iron Man, Thor, and the like… I’m getting bored. I enjoyed the humor of the first, but maybe it’s getting kind of goofy for my taste? (Yet I’m really curious about Deadpool…)

    When it comes down to it, I’m more of a DC person, I suppose. Specifically, I adore the Batman universe. It’s darker, and I really… enjoy that? lol Totally with you on Buffy. I need to look into Jessica Jones. Currently, I’m getting into Wonder Woman via the New 52. It’s nice to explore the lady super heroes!

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