Genre Crossover

I would like to do an informal poll this week. It’s regarding genre crossing. I’ve come across a few authors who can write both paranormal/urban fantasy and contemporary quite well. But recently, I found an author who can not only write both well, she’s managed to fully develop two series, one a contemporary and one an urban fantasy, in the same world. The characters from both series intermingle, are even related to each other in some cases. This, to me, is quite impressive.

At first I chose not to read the new series, the urban fantasy, because I was so unsure of how it would work. Now, I’m glad I did and can’t wait to read more. It takes talent to be able to meld both fantasy and contemporary into the same world and make it believable for the reader. As an author who loves to write both, I think seeing this in reality is a major win.

So my informal poll…what are your thoughts on crossing genres in the same world? Would you read the books or would you shy away from one or the other?

By the way…if you want to check out the series I’m talking about…the author is Candace Blevins. I will tell you, her contemporary series is very heavy in BDSM and the books are intense. The paranormal series isn’t quite as intense, but still very hot!


7 thoughts on “Genre Crossover

  1. I enjoy writing multiple genres (Paranormal, Fantasy, Science Fiction) and if the different stories worked well in the same world, I could give it a try. I think that if there is good cohesion in the world, several genres could coexist in it. 🙂

  2. livrancourt

    Charlaine Harris has done a little of that – the main characters in her Lily Bard novels (contemporary mysteries) had a couple walk appearances in her Sookie Stackhouse books – but I haven’t seen many other examples. I do know of a couple authors who write contemporary romance who have added m/m romance to their series. (Sarina Bowen, Amy Jo Cousins, and Christina Lee, for instance.) I swapped back & forth between m/f and m/m in those books so could see doing it with paranormal & contemporary, too.

  3. Shauna Granger

    I think I saw two people on twitter talking about this just yesterday, actually. It sounds crazy to me, honestly. But! I’m intrigued. If they can pull it off, why not!

  4. Personally, if it’s a great story, I will love it no matter the genre or combination. I think the whole genre thing is of much more concern to the publishing industry than it is to the readers. I wish they would stop being so uptight and let writers write what they want and let the public decide if it works or not (but then again, I also wish I was a princess and that people would pay be just to be wonderful, so…) 🙂

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