A Taboo Subject in the Publishing World: Money

I originally posted this on my own blog, but I got a pretty good response to it, on the blog, on twitter, and on FB. It seemed like something a lot of writers, aspiring and otherwise, needed to hear. So I thought it would be good to share it here, on The Spellbound Scribes’ Blog to reach more people who might need to hear this and maybe it’ll give you a little hope or make you feel a little better.

The Musings of an Author in Progress

If you’ve been around the publishing, book blogging, reader-ish world on-line last week, you probably already know all about the kerfuffle that erupted when a writer decided to try to crowd-fund the sequel to her previously traditionally published book, using Kickstarter, after her publisher decided not to pick up the sequel.

I’m not going to get into the issue of why people got upset with her, or the possible misunderstandings that went on, or the argument that art is work and artists should be paid for that work (which I obviously agree with). Not because I don’t think those things need to be talked about, but because a lot of other people have already talked about it and I want to talk about something else.

Through this whole thing one issue has come up again and again, an issue that we are conditioned not to talk about, or not be…

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