November…the busiest month of the year!

No really, it is. At least for me this year. Why? Let me count the ways! It’s NaNo time. Are you writing away? Setting and meeting goals. I should be…but I find myself lagging this year. Each year it gets harder and harder for me to win at NaNo. Mostly, its procrastination on my part, but there’s a little bit of not having enough time to pull my head up from water too.

November also signals the start of the holiday season for many, myself included. This means Thanksgiving, early Christmas celebrations (yeah, we get a headstart lol). Shopping. Crowds. And of course, by multiple requests, our very own Elf on the Shelf. Because the kid can’t wait to see her friend Rosey come back for another year. Which means I have to break out my creativity hat and come up with a bunch of off-the-wall things for this little elf to do for fun.


And so it begins…the trek into the end of the year. Busy. Stressful. And full of memories. While November may be MY busiest month of the year it’s also one I tend to remember for longer than any other. The memories are my favorite.


One thought on “November…the busiest month of the year!

  1. Shauna Granger

    I am so glad that creepy little elf wasn’t around when I was a kid. I had a horrible fear of dolls coming to life to kill, a la Annabell, so if I woke to find an elf coming to life while I was asleep… oof. I hate to think of the nightmares.

    But, you know, have fun with it! 😀

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