Celebration!! And giveaway

So somehow I managed to miss the fact that I’ve been a part of the Scribes for ONE YEAR!! It’s actually a year and a couple of months, but I think that still warrants a celebration. And we’re in my favorite month…with one of my favorite holidays. So, what do you say we give away a book (or two)?

I will give away a book of your choice from my list. I have a new release too…Plaisir. While it’s not paranormal, it’s a favorite of mine.

This giveaway is easy to enter…tell me one of your favorites. Favorite holiday. Favorite book. Favorite Spellbound post. What’s your favorite? Don’t forget to leave your email!!

This was originally published in The Dreams and Nightmares Anthology.

Griffyn Sandibar brought his best friend, Tate Walker, to Vegas to show him he wants more than just a friendship. Griffyn doesn’t only want Tate in his bed, though. Vegas is home to Club Plaisir, and Griffyn happens to hold a very hard to come by membership to the exclusive club. Griffyn’s not only ready to tell Tate about his deepening feelings, but he’s ready to see what happens when the walls are down and they add a third to the mix.

Kelsey Jackson’s high dollar membership to Club Plaisir is her only escape. A career in the spotlight is one thing, but her looks have her portraying a much younger, perfect ‘tween on TV. Kelsey is only able to walk into the Vegas hotel once or twice a year. The secret club at the top is exactly what she’s needed for months; however the very last thing she expected was to meet the men of her dreams–literally.

Will one night be enough to fulfill their fantasies? Enter the exclusive BDSM Club Plaisir and find out.


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