Lost in a New Genre

One of the greatest things about publishing today is the chance for authors to write in multiple genres under the same name. At least I think it’s a great. In my opinion, feel free to disagree, self-publishing and an influx of digital publishers have given us this opportunity.

That being said…the freedom can also be bad. Why? Because sometimes crazy people like me decide they want to try something new. I love stretching my imagination to see what I can come up with. So when Decadent Publishing announced they were going to start a new adult shifter line I jumped at the opportunity.

Then I stepped away because while I wanted to write a shifter book the ideas just weren’t flowing. I love reading shifters, but sitting down to write a shifter story…not so easy.

A couple of months later I had this AHA moment and decided once more I’d do it. I’d write the shifter book. Now…I’m lost! The idea is there. It’s plotted. There are even a few words on the page. But every time I get into the moment the story turns contemporary and I forget these characters are supposed to have an animal side.

What’s the point of this post you ask? Well, my point is I’m lost. Sometimes just talking it out helps. I know this book will get finished. I want to write the story and these characters are SO DANG LOUD. But it’s a lot harder than I ever expected.

So tell me…do you get lost when you decide to write in a new genre? Do you think authors should genre jump or stick with what they know?


5 thoughts on “Lost in a New Genre

  1. livrancourt

    I know how you feel!!! A friend asked me to contribute to a steampunk anthology, though I’d never written steampunk. I came up with a concept and heard the MCs voice like he was sitting next to me at the table, and yet I kept having to remind myself to create gadgets instead of, I don’t know, relying on magic or inventing a vampire or something. I finished it, the editor liked it, it’ll be coming out in a couple weeks, but I freely admit it’s not the steampunkiest thing ever written. On the other hand, if I hadn’t tried, I wouldn’t have met these fabulous characters and wouldn’t be itching to put them in a longer work.
    So good on ya for trying something new! All the best with getting the words on the page.

  2. Shauna Granger

    This is exactly why my WOA series is a Trilogy and quite spaced out for a Self-pubbed series. It is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever tired to write. I tried to write it completely sans fantasy element and it was horrible so I put in a monster. You just gotta figure out what’s not working for you and tweak it. Just because their supposed to have an animal side doesn’t mean they can’t live a “normal” life. That and a well developed outline does it for me.

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