So a month (or so) ago I wrote a post on the joys of a brand new shiny idea. Well…today I’m talking about #Mushbrain. A hashtag I just invented because it’s the best I could come up with.

What is #mushbrain you ask? It’s the moment between finishing a draft of one project, edits of another, life, and everything else going on around. It feels like everything is one big pile of mush.

You can’t remember anything…kind of like this

As soon as you stand up from whatever you’re working on everything blurs and you feel a little like this

There is no cure for #mushbrain that I have found. Over time it goes away. As you check off another item from your to-do list. But until then…Good luck!!

I’m off to try and figure out what it was I was supposed to do today.

If you’ve experience #mushbrain and have suggestions for a cure or how to manage, please share!

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