The Joys of Jury Duty

Are there any joys of jury duty?

HA! Nope not really. Well, okay, I don’t know that for sure. I’ll let you know when I get back. ‘Cause you see, today I’m at the courthouse going through my first jury summons. *crosses fingers that I’m dismissed early and don’t spend the whole day at the courthouse* Anyway…back to the subject…I’m pretty sure some people might actually enjoy jury duty.

I actually kind of expect it to be a little like this


This may seem like a really random topic, and I admit it kind of is, but then again it’s not. I have a series that’s about lawyers, paranormal ones actually, so I’m kind of hoping maybe I can use today as a learning experience and somehow work that into the next installment of this book. *time for shameless plug* If you want to read The Beginning, book 1 in said series you can get it for free here.

What would you/have you done when summoned for jury selection? Do you like it? Do you find boring situations like this good for research (okay, okay I’m trying to find the plus side to the day)


3 thoughts on “The Joys of Jury Duty

  1. Shauna Granger

    How is this your first summons?! Out here you get called every 18 months like clockwork. The first time I was called, I didn’t really know what to expect so I just brought a book and my phone. We were dismissed an hour after lunch. But then, the second time, I knew what to expect so I brought my laptop loaded with my current WIP. As soon as we were let into the holding room, I booked it for the “work room.” It was a room with just five cubbies (there are like 75 people each day in the juror holding room), like at a college library, where you could plug your laptop in and work in a small modicum of privacy (though some use it to plug in their laptops to watch Netflix or DVDs). That time, if I remember right, I wrote somewhere around 7k words that day (we were not dismissed early). With my soundtrack blaring in my headphones, I was able to block it all out and had an incredibly productive day. 😀

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