National Novel Writing Month

All the cool kids are doing it. Well, except for me. I’m in the middle of a couple big projects, and trying to start something new might make my head explode. But I’m cheering from the sidelines, and taking advantage of all the opportunities to twitter sprint with friends who are cranking out the word count.

For those of you who haven’t heard of NaNo, you sign up and promise to draft a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.

That’s all.

Just 50,000 words. They don’t have to be particularly good words. In fact, you should save any and all editing for later. Just put ’em down and count ’em up.

Now, when you take on a big project, it always helps to have a little musical motivation. To that end, I created a playlist, dedicated it to everyone who has signed up for NaNo. These are songs to get you pumped, excited, motivated, or – if you need a break from the laptop – just plain dancing around the room.

Jump here: NaNoWriMo Motivation
Seriously. Do it.


Enjoy the music, keep writing, and if you’re doing the NaNo thing, come find me on twitter – @LivRancourt. I’m a great cheerleader!



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