Ichabod: A Man For The Ages

A few years ago, my fifteen year old daughter and I watched all seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer – a mother-daughter bonding ritual I can highly recommend. We watched the first couple seasons of Angel together, and a few episodes of Bones. Lately we’ve been trying to find another series to share. We started season one of Supernatural and watched a few episodes of The X Files, though neither really clicked for us.

And then…

We saw the trailer for Fox’s new series, Sleepy Hollow. My daughter was lukewarm about it, but I thought it looked awesome, and did some arm-twisting to get her to watch the first episode. Three episodes in and she’s already doing a little arm-twisting of her own, insisting her brother watch along with us.

I think we found our series.

And, I think I found a new fan-girl crush. (Though perhaps I won’t mention it to the children.)  Ichabod Crane, as played by Tom Mison, is one of the two best things about the show. The other best this is Abby, played by Nicole Beharie. She’s a police lieutenant, sort of an Agent Scully to Ichabod’s Agent Mulder.  The interaction between the two of them is pretty compelling and makes the show worth watching.

Because really, you can’t think too hard about the plot or your brain will break.

I’m not alone in my appreciation for Mr. Crane. In this post from StarPulse.com, the author pretty much trashes the show, but has some very complementary things to say about the hero:

Suprisingly, I loved Tom Mison as Ichabod. I had absolutely no expectations going in, but he knocked Ichabod’s contemporary Renaissance man out of the park. He’s so charming and adorable that I literally threw my undies at the screen.

And I’m right there with her.

Well, sort of. There were children in the room. Teenagers. You know.

Of course, while watching the show, I had to put my writer’s hat on. True confessions: I rarely take it off. Anywhoodle, out of the striking visuals, on-screen chemistry, and loopy plotlines, I pulled a more serious question. What is it about Ichabod that had him catching panties within minutes of the premier?

What makes a compelling hero?

A while ago I wrote a post on heroes for the Crimson Romance authors blog, and here’s how I answered that question. Good heroes rely on attributes besides their looks. They stand up for what’s right. They may break a few rules, but they get the job done. Whether they’re charming bad boys, swashbuckling adventurers, or deadly competent fighters, they face their internal and external demons to win the day.

Mr. Crane covers that ground pretty well. He died in a Revolutionary War battle, but 250 years later he comes back to life. Instead of freaking out over cell phones and Starbucks, he jumps into trying to save the world from the Headless Horseman.  Abby drinks some weird Indian potion to fight the Sandman, and he takes a swig, so she won’t have to battle alone. His wife from back in the day is trapped in some kind of purgatory, and he’s going to save her, too.

Most importantly, he works from a core of confidence that communicates itself from the moment he crawls up through the dirt. It’s that confidence that allows him to get involved in a murder investigation, when he’s not actually a cop – and totally sell it. It’s that confidence that allows him to show humor and  vulnerability and charm. It’s that confidence that makes him a leader.

It’s that confidence that pulls a girl’s panties right off her butt.

His long coat doesn’t hurt, either.

Sleepy Hollow Dude
Ichabod Crane

I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but it’s possible Ichabod Crane could turn out to be a candidate for the Epic Coats Club. What do you think? Have you watched the show? Are you a member of the Ichabod Crane Fan Club?

epic coat club bnw
Who is your favorite member of the Epic Coat Club?

13 thoughts on “Ichabod: A Man For The Ages

  1. Love this post and love the show. Yes, there are plot holes, but it’s fantasy – it never claimed to be historical fiction or anything close to real life. The visuals on that show are really good at giving you the horror movie creep factor without gore, which is how i like it.

    I’ve never much cared for the Sleepy Hollow story until now. But throw in a supernatural conspiracy and some witchcraft and i’m all in! Ichabod is hot and i’m enthralled by the woman who plays his wife. Plus, the woman who plays Abby has some great subtle facial expressions.

    Yes, vote him into the Epic Coat Club (this is the first i’ve heard of it)! He may even beat out Spike for my top spot.

    Is it just me or does the demon in the woods look like one of the level bosses in Doom II? I think someone in the background of the show spent too much time playing that game (as did I).

    1. I haven’t played Doom II, but will consult with my in-house gaming experts for their opinion. And I’m sorry, but NO ONE beats out Spike for a spot in the Club. Angel, maybe, but not Spike.
      Thanks Nicole!

  2. Shauna Granger says:

    I am loving this show as well! I was a little irked by a lot of the historical inaccuracies in the first episode but I’ve decided to treat it like a book to movie remake, let the issues go and just enjoy the show. I also love Abbey, she’s a great character and it’s nice to have a female lead who is just as strong and important to the male.

    And yeah, it doesn’t hurt that he tall, dark and British 😉

  3. Don’t make me choose from among the epic-coat wearers! Haven’t watched the show but have to say, the man has his charms, at least physically. I’m not a big panty-thrower, don’t even use the word panties much, but he may just be worthy of a change of behavior.

    1. I swear, Sara, on first pass I thought you’d written, “I don’t even wear panties much”.
      Sudafed is a wonderful drug 😉
      I do recommend you check out an episode (allowing for certain historical inaccuracies and plot loopiness) and see for yourself how awesome he is. Thanks!

  4. Gack! Don’t make me choose between Spike, Captain Mal and Ichabod. Great post. I started watching the show but the second episode spooked me so much I’m afraid to watch the next until I find a buddy.

    1. livrancourt says:

      That’s why I watch with my daughter. She keeps me safe. I don’t think episode 3 is quite as scary, Lola. You might be able to handle it on your own.

  5. Oh crap. Another smooth talking, handsome, British accent in a long coat? I don’t know if I can handle it. This show is on my list to check out now because of you, dear Liv, though I fear I can see my undoing already…

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