New Scribes!

Hello everyone and happy Monday! *ducks to avoid flying tomatoes*

Anyway! I hope you all have been enjoying our Story in the Round as much as we have. It’s really taking on a life of it’s own and starting to get darker and creepier, which, of course, we all love.

We will be continuing with the SitR on Thursday, with one of our new Scribes: Liv Rancourt! And on that note, I’m pleased to share with you our big news! We have new Scribes! Four, actually!

Please welcome…

Liv Rancourt

Liv #2Liv writes paranormal and romance, often at the same time. She lives with her husband, two teenagers, two cats and one wayward puppy. She likes to create stories that have happy endings, and finds it is a good way to balance her other job in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Nicole Evelina


Nicole is a St. Louis-born historical fiction/historical fantasy writer. She is represented by Jen Karsbaek of Foreword Literary. When not working in public relations or playing with her spoiled twin Burmese cats, she spends most of her time at least a thousand years in the past. Currently, she’s writing a trilogy about Camelot and the life of the legendary Queen Guinevere. She’s also a member of and book reviewer for the Historical Novel Society and an amateur historian, specializing in Celtic and Medieval Britain.

Lyra Selene

securedownloadLyra was born under a full moon and has never quite managed to wipe the moonlight out of her eyes.

Lyra grew up on a steady diet of Lloyd Alexander, Susan Cooper and Ursula K. LeGuin, dreaming of fantastic worlds both near and far. Her first novel, written when she was eight, followed exiled warrior princess Jade and her unicorn companion as they braved the deeps of the Forbidden Forest in search of the Lost Wizard Bendar. These days, Lyra writes young adult urban fantasy. She is inspired by world mythology, brooding landscapes, and the alchemy of love.

Jennah Scott

Jennah resides Kansas City, Missouri. Until sheJ.Scott
started writing she didn’t know what she wanted to be. Which is why
she has degrees in education, business, and medical assisting. All
that uncertainty has provided her with plenty of ideas for new books.
Her books span across the spectrum when it comes to genre. Her
contemporary books are available now, but soon she’ll be genre jumping
and diving head first into paranormal. When she isn’t writing she’s
causing trouble on Twitter, hanging out with family, or she’s lost in
a book. There’s one thing about Jennah, there will never be a dull
moment when she’s around.

We cannot wait to see what posts these ladies have in store for us!

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4 thoughts on “New Scribes!

  1. livrancourt says:

    Thanks for the lovely introduction, Shauna! I’m happy to be here, and look forward to getting to know the other scribes & your readers 😉

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