Zombies, zombies, everywhere…

…and not a bite to eat.


It really does feel like zombies are everywhere late. The Walking Dead, World War Z, Warm Bodies….the list goes on. I love it. I think it’s fun. So many people agree with me.

I write zombies, too…sometimes, anyway. My first book wound up being about zombies. It was almost an accidental thing. I got bored writing about a couple of teenagers making out, so I decided to spice things up with the undead. Turns out, I loved the tension the zombies created. I was able to put my characters into this constant life-or-death battle, and really see who they’d become.

I’ve since written the sequel, which comes out this fall, and was CONVINCED I’d put away my zombies for a while. At least until it came time to write the final book in the series. I needed a breather. I needed some other life-or-death battles for a while.

But as it turns out, I am Zombie Girl. Rawr. And I wanted to tell y’all about some other fun zombie things going on these days.

First is The Zombie Project (#TheZombieProject on Twitter), a fun little chain of stories running over at Chynna-Blue Ink, a lovely writerly place. Writers are sharing their zombie-tales on a weekly basis, with each story taking an element from its immediate predecessor, and somehow including that element in the next installment. I’m not contributing to the chain until October, but for now I look forward to each Sunday to see what my fellow writers have to say.

Until then, starting this week, I’ll be contributing some original short zombie fiction to the blog of a local zombie run, called rUNdead Charleston. The pieces will follow a couple of girls as they survive one zombie outbreak, only to (possibly) set off another, a year down the line. It should be fun to see the scrapes into which these two girls will fall, and how much I can mess with them in 1000-word installments.

Zombies are cool right now, let’s face it. They’re the current sexy-villain. They’ve replace vampires and werewolves, and no matter how many you kill, they just keep on coming. And since I enjoy writing in the genre, I guess I’ll be sticking with it just a while longer.

And while I do, I hope you do, too. We could all have fun together.

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