Resolving Like a Boss

I tend to go nuts with resolutions. I make lists and pin them to the wall in my bedroom where they can taunt me each time I walk by. I do fairly well at keeping them, too, though the occasional project keeps getting rolled over from year to year.

Like losing the ten pounds I’ve gained since leaving grad school. I’m starting to fear that one will stick with me till the day I die.

This year’s list was simple:

1. Yoga: I’d like to actually develop a home practice, and stick with it.

2. Schedule: This means I’ll keep my self-imposed work schedule, which includes two hours of reading on weekdays, and (generally) sixish hours of writing or at least starely blanking at Scrivener. In other words, I’m treating my writing like a job.

3. Read more new fiction: This is an important part of the writing job. I need to know the market, and I learn something from every new book I read. The more I can take in, the more I can learn!

Nope. No bacon that way.

There’s actually a theme here. All of these goals are about routine and sticking with it. They’re about taking myself seriously, at work and at play.

So many writers, crafters, photographers, runners, WHATEVERs always excuse themselves from real work and real success by saying, “Oh, I’m an aspiring writer,” or, “Oh, I just run for fun,” or “Oh, I just take pictures of my kids.” And while those things are all great, they’re also a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you treat yourself like an amateur, you’ll continue to work at an amateur level. We get from these things what we put into them. No matter how much the doggie wishes, no bacon will appear in his tummy unless he raids the fridge and steals some dang bacon.

This year is the year of treating myself like a professional, putting in professional levels of work, and getting some professional results.

Like a boss. (NSFW!!)

How can you take yourself more seriously this year? What have you wished you could do or be better at?



One thought on “Resolving Like a Boss

  1. Great post and advice! Sometimes I use excuses not to write and I have to remember that I run my own business and even though I’m my own boss, I still need to act like one even if I’m the only employee!

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