The Woes of Being a Christmas Baby

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Oh yes, I have the unfortunate luck of being a Christmas Baby. I wasn’t born near Christmas, or the day before or the day after. No, no… I was born ON Christmas day. What really sucks is that I was actually two weeks late so I could’ve been born with a nice little cushion between me and that fateful day, but no. I guess, even then, I loved Christmas so much that I hung on until that day.

Yes, I love Christmas. I love the Solstice and Yuletide and everything it’s supposed to be about. No, I’m not going to get into the religious aspects versus the commercialism, don’t worry. I just love giving presents, the anticipation, the thought and even the kindness most of us remember to keep in mind as we go about our day to day lives during this time. I pull out our decorations the day after Thanksgiving and put up our tree and start making homemade presents and try to make the holiday last as long as possible.

But I kind of hate having my birthday on this awesome holiday. Let me explain why so, if you happen to have any friends or family who have this craptastic birthday too, you can have some sympathy for them.

Now, it has nothing to do with being the kid who never gets to have their mother bring in cupcakes for the whole class to pause and celebrate with you in grade school. No, because every kid born during the summer months has that issue too. But you are the kid that doesn’t really get to have a birthday party because so many of your friends are out of town or parents are too busy to bring them by. But that’s okay; you get over that as you get older.

One of the big issues is those jerks that whisper to you, “This present? This is for both your birthday AND Christmas,” as they hand you your present with a little wink. I get it, okay? It’s rough having to buy someone two presents during the gift giving season, but I’ll tell you, I’d rather you tell me, “This is your birthday present, sorry, couldn’t afford to get you a Christmas present as well.” Or vice versa. There’s no shame in that. But this dual gift crap? No. Because all I want to do is whisper back to you, “Remember that birthday present I gave you in June? Yeah, that was for both.” And then keep the Christmas present I got you for myself.

But I’ll tell you, I’ll take the dual present crap over the forgetfulness. Oh yeah. This is a big reason why I hate having my birthday on Christmas: PEOPLE ALWAYS FORGET. Of course I think a lot of the time, that “this present is for both” deal is actually people forgetting it’s your birthday and they’re just trying to cover their ass. I don’t need presents or cards, I’m an adult, but in this day of Facebook reminders, unlimited text messaging and minutes how hard is it to simply say, “Happy Birthday!”? Apparently, it’s pretty damn hard. A lot of people forget their Christmas-baby-friend’s birthdays. EVEN WHEN YOU SEE THEM ON CHRISTMAS DAY, LOOK THEM IN THE FACE AND SAY, “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” That always kills me. It’s awkward and really, it hurts. Just remember to say, “Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!” It’s not hard.

But the biggest part that sucks? I love Christmas. Yeah, that’s it. I love Christmas and I don’t want to take away from that day with having a birthday. I know, it’s weird, all that ranting and I don’t want to share the day. But it’s because your birthday is your own, just for you, but Christmas is supposed to be for everyone. So you either go from not having a special time for yourself, or interrupting everyone else’s special day with your birthday. Again, awkward.

So I guess, all I’m really saying is, it’s not our fault that we’re born on Christmas but we don’t want to be forgotten either.

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11 thoughts on “The Woes of Being a Christmas Baby

  1. Awww!!! All I wanted to do was hug you as I read this! I’ve heard before from people with birthdays on Christmas (and New Years’) that it’s a bad day to be born, but I didn’t realize how MUCH it really would suck. People forgetting wouldn’t be easy to deal with. *pats you on the back* I’m going to be sure to put this in my calendar so I can wish you a happy birthday on the 25th! 😀

    1. Shauna Granger

      Aw, thanks Adriana! It ain’t so bad nowadays, now that those people have made my mortal enemies list a la Sheldon Cooper. Mwahahaha!

  2. You’d think having your birthday the same day as Christmas would make it easier for folks to remember, but I know it’s not the case 😦 This year, my birthday fell on my sister-in-laws wedding and no one really remembered MY special day. Everyone deserves their day 🙂 xxoo

  3. Laura

    I just wanted to hug you also when I read this!! But I want to hug you for your books too!! I hope you have a better year this time!! Loves!

  4. AAAWWWW… you poor thing… My hubbs’ birthday is the 16th of December… 9 days beforehand and for YEARS he had the O SO CRAPTASTIC birthdays because everyone (parents included) told him since it was so close to Christmas he was gonna get all gifts Christmas morning… SOOOOOOOO… in I walk and decide to celebrate his birthday for the entire week… so from the 16th to the 23rd we celebrate… and then on the 24th we start all over with Christmas follies n fun… I don’t think anyone should EVER be forgotten no matter what DAY their birthday falls on and heck yes I say celebrate it for an entire week!

  5. Wait…you’re a Christmas baby, have written four books that I absolutely love, AND you’re a Big Bang Theory//Sheldon Cooper fan?! Oh man, I think I love you even more!

    My mom went into labor on her 21st birthday for me, but I waited around two more days before being born. Apparently this means that my family can tell me repeatedly how I was stubborn even before birth.

  6. BAH. Holiday birthdays suuuuuck. I have a cousin and two friends whose birthdays are on Valentine’s Day. That’s another day where NO ONE wants to go to birthday parties. They’re either way too busy being in lurrrve or wanting to smash anything heart-shaped with a hammer.

    Mine was always fine until university — then it was the day everyone went home for Thanksgiving. After a series of awful birthdays, I’ve sort of given up on them.

    I will make sure to wish you a happy birthday on the 25th! (I personally am not hugely into Christmas and am mostly excited I get the day off.)

    1. Shauna Granger

      Emmie… you have opened my eyes! I never thought about V-day being a bad one but you’re spot on! And yeah, everyone LEAVING for Turkey day, yeah, that sucks. We should start a support group.

  7. Hayley

    Ah! Let me say how I feel for you! I, myself, am also a child of Christmas (Christmas Babies…Unite!) and everything you’ve mentioned is spot-on! Actually, I don’t mind dual-gifting since there’s nothing particular I’d want, so anything is nicer than nothing!
    Just wanted to pop in and say Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to you!

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