Four Holiday Gifts for Book and Zombie Lovers!

Ah, the holidays. I love them. My kids and I nagged sweet-talked my husband into dragging our Christmas stuff in from the garage, and now we already have our tree up. I love walking into stores and hearing holiday songs. Yes, I’m weird.

If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely a lover of books and the paranormal, so I thought in the spirit of helping others get some Xmas shopping knocked out of the way, I’d do a fun-gift post.

This year I’ve decided to either hand make my presents or buy them from artists in the U.S. A GREAT place for this is Etsy. You can even sort artists by region, if you want to support people from your country, or if you’re from the US, your state (or states that had the most damage from Sandy).

Click on the pictures to go to the artist’s Etsy store.

by storiarts on

This scarf is cute and meaningful! From a distance it looks like it’s printed with random words, but they’re actually from Jane Eyre, which is kind of awesome.

by NeverlandJewelry on

Here’s a breathtaking pendant that looks like an old book. I love miniatures (told you I’m weird), so this really, really appeals to me. It’d be great for author friends or bookworms in the family.

by dougfx on

If you’re into more of the creepy stuff, here’s a kick-butt zombie garden gnome! Seriously, who wouldn’t want one of these in their garden? Or even an entire horde?! I might just buy a couple for myself.

by BombshellKitty on

Oh, and look at this! An heirloom to treasure through the generations. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, in ornament form. Which self-respecting zombie lover wouldn’t want that, I ask you!

Comment here and let us know what book-related gift you’d like to give or receive, and you could win a $50 Amazon gift card and books to fill up those cold winter nights ahead!

Happy holidays!

14 thoughts on “Four Holiday Gifts for Book and Zombie Lovers!

  1. Kelley Sheppard says:

    I LOVE journals. I write my ideas for books in some, dreams and daily goings on in others. Anything ornate that looks like Merlin would have toted it around would be a fantastic gift for this writer!

  2. I want to replace my garden gnome with that nasty sweetheart up there and see which of my children notice first.

    Bonus points if they first see it when it’s dark out. muhahahahaha

    Who needs Elf on the Shelf? I can have a Don’t Get Caught Home Alone With A Brains-Eating Gnome. Not quite as catchy but way more fun.

    For me, anyway. Kids disagree.

    1. LOL, Ash! Extra bonus for getting one for the sole purpose of scaring your children. 😀 I saw one on Etsy that had two zombie gnomes eating a garden flamingo, hahaha! It appealed to my creepy side. They suggested you use it for Halloween, but I think year-round would be much more fun. I’m glad you agree. 😀

  3. These days, my favorite book-related gifts tend to be gift cards to fill my ebook edition. But there’s also nothing like getting an unfamiliar book as a gift from someone who knows my tastes really well – I’ve discovered several new series that way. And I still remember the time my dad built me a bookcase from scratch when I was a kid – now that was a great gift. I still have that bookcase, and it’s still overflowing with books.

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