Beware the Fairy Ring

In celebration of the first week of Spring here is a bit of fairy magic…

Today I share a warning with you, whispered from mother to child for many a generation. Pray you heed my words…

Beware the fairy ring.

Generations ago, the Children of Danu were driven into the mounds and hills of the sidhe. Once the gods and goddesses but as their religion was forgotten, they became the hidden people, the fae folk. The moon and stars still call to them, urging them to dance in the moonlight. So they come and build their fairy ring.

Beware the fairy ring.

Under a twilit sky, the toadstool ring appears in the shadow of a hawthorn tree. It will call to you, this strangely perfect ring of mushrooms. Some say the rings mark the spots where the Devil stood, others whisper stories of witches worshiping in the night, but unsuspecting mortals would be surprised to know it is the fairies calling to them.

Beware the fairy ring.

Woe to he who breaks the fairy ring. Should you disturb the fae folk ritual, the fairies will snatch you up to dance, enticing and enthralling you. But they will keep you.

Beware the fairy ring, for a night’s worth of dancing can mean your life. Should you escape the fairy ring, all your long years will come crashing down on you, with death following close behind.

Beware the fairy ring.

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